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It’s not our fault. It’s just the law of action and reaction. Who is better? We grow up and they leave us. Dad, grandmother, great-grandmother and all the generations that have never asked us how it ever got. They walk around, but for them, we were air ballast ball at his feet, he has to feed. Around us is empty. Silence. Nobody’s home. We were kids and wanted to play, but our days are gray and with any friends. Any feedback on what we do. We behave nicely, we behave badly, we can go to hell. They all have a lot of their problems. We do not want them for making us even noticing. We only vent their problems, like a sponge that absorbs all the doubtful statements of our incompetence. I consider that we live in, we can ourselves. Dislike, anger, ignoring. Overcast. Breaking our world.

Suddenly we get older, and childhood is probably gone. So let’s explore what that life probably are. We’re heroes, champions of their own lives. We are free, and it’s up to us, it is necessary now to prove that it is. That we can take care of themselves.

We try, but do not understand the relationships around us. Something is not working. Discovering, but we do not know how we are lagging behind. We play games because we do not know ourselves. But we do not know. I want to just survive. So finally understand! We can not afford to find out that we are actually on the wrong track. That those routes will not operate. We operate your ego. Trust people, we think that they know more about than we do. So we listen to them and think over their words. That we should change. Start to behave differently. What we are, we are inadequate, we never break through. So we believe and do exactly what they say. They are teachers and teaches us. They get us to where they want us to be. We trust and follow.

But something’s not working. Still, we are sad, we are still at the bottom. We’re still confused, overwhelmed by work on thousands things.Who are all these people around? It’s starting to annoy us. Mainstream is starting to annoy us. For us it is a life of extremes. We want to love and hate. We have top and bottom. We know and we do not know. We are in euphoria and depression. Extreme ways are our only ways to express themselves. In fact, we do not feel anything and enduring.

Perhaps we lack love and emotions. We have no idea how it looks. Maybe we just want to make someone believed in us. He proved to us that he really cares about us. We’ll do it for a lot. We meet together people who work with us to play that game. Let us believe our illusions and have no interest in it, from the bottom to help us. A better life. Where is the joy and love. Where people treat each other decently. Nor on how often we have no interest.

Maybe you’re reading right now, but you can not quite imagine what I’m talking about. You may have had a similar childhood. Perhaps you have been saving move away from the house. The only possible beginning of our free life. And start learning what not everything in life can be experienced. CARRY But a lot of patterns that we in the coming years may very limit. The attitude with which we left on bad terms, never fail. It’s in us. We lived in „no-love“ world, but life wants from us to love it and enjoy it. People around us also want us to love them or respect them. At least! This puzzles. And most importantly, it is enough for us unfairly. It bothers us and squeezes into the wall. How we can give something to ourselves if we even don’t know how it looks like?

Change will work for us. For the years.

At the beginning often without result. It is necessary to our activity, our energy. A commitment to let flow all the emotions on us during that process will come. Let the show anger and sadness that we have to eliminate the damage they inflicted on us by others. That we did not ask anyone about it when we were born as a clean babies. We must śāpāt the starting line, where the others were a long time ago. That we punish ourselves so much, actually a second time to themselves were evil.

We are products of our environment. But this environment we need to change if the life around us too bad.

It is up to us to change our approach and started to look for what you really deserve. They refused to have people around you with whom our relations does not add anything. I do not think the material, but also support and positive feelings. It’s up to us. If we want to experience the evil and pain we experience it. But perhaps there is something more. And we can not summon that we want to know.

With all this relates also change our own behavior towards other people and to themselves. It is up to us to seek love and beauty in our relationships and in relationships with other people. Only when we know how those feelings seem, we can pass on.

If you know only bad environment and authoritarian power relations of subordination and superiority, is the transition to better relations quite difficult. It is not easy to watch and see that the way we behave, although the legacy is our custom, but not at all standard. The people around our style accepted. Because they simply leave crashing or use. For them it is not standard. It’s not what they grew up. It is our bad habit. We can continue in it, but in time we remain ourselves. Sometimes it’s the circle hard to keep a cool head.

But all this can be overcome.

By being aware of their behavior. That the next time you find yourself in a similar situation, we maintain otherwise. It may not be very good. Probably will not. But try it differently than before.

We become seekers who chopped a lot of mistakes. But if we know why we are doing and why we’re going that way, eventually we succeed and move it to a higher level. How can we tell? We will receive other feedback. We’ll meet other people. And they will treat us better. We’ll have to weigh yourself, so it will require. Because we know that just as people are intransigent to us, we can be for them. If it hurts. It’s a choice.
For someone might clear. But I write for those who are not that clear. It’s nice to believe that love exists 🙂

Getting to know ourselves and define the boundaries

At the beginning and immediately. Mainly we have to know what we like and what not. What we want and we do not want. Just do not be afraid to tell about it. I know that it might be too obvious. But I would like to encourage all who stuff themselves do not yet know. We sometimes qualms to admit that we do not know what we would no longer need to know. But do not blame it. Everyone has a different life conditions. Let’s be glad that we have it all came from. That although ashamed, but we’re looking for. And only he who seeks finds. Observe yourself, even though you might not stand for it now, so we watched the others. And it will change over time.

I’d warned against an attitude that borders are generally something wrong and need to be constantly expanding. And preferably not to any. We do not get through it all! And nothing is a problem! This is asking for trouble, that believe that we do not want.

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