5 Gründe, warum Menschen meditieren

Eastern teachings on life is becoming increasingly popular even in our country. Can go for yoga, Ayurveda, Thai massage, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, meditation and martial arts. You may also belong to the so-called „Esoteric enemies“. Everything, which is rational and medically substantiated and explained, for you trusted. I’d never before told myself that this lifestyle will grab me so much. I’ll meditate or even volunteer to repeat the mantra. But for that I am glad that I did it! Suddenly, it’s a great inspiration, the path that simply desire to move on. I could not get. Because it is responsible for many mysterious questions that I could not answer myself own mind and attitude. This way she urged me to know yourself as a single entity where everything is connected to everything. Everything we do, how we take care of ourselves, what we create an environment around him. This journey of self-knowledge and helps me to see her wearing results. On his cheek and a smile.

I also recently discovered the magic meditation. That’s really the magic that makes absolutely transformative meditation and positive experience. I’m beginning to feel on myself as I charged those moments energy. These moments within my influence and I can do them at any time to transfer. Benefits of regular meditation on human well-being is enormous.
However, if anyone ever forced me to meditate, but I saw myself in that sense and benefit, I took it as boredom and loss of time. Or as an opportunity to play your own thoughts in your head. Including obligations, plans and assumptions, what else that day I deal with you to meet, whom to call etc. So precisely those activities that are to be avoided and are not desirable for meditation. Because they cause discomfort and exhaustion.

Therefore, I would like to introduce the main reasons why a person decides to spend his time called. Doing nothing. Or meditation. And why you should try it too.

1) You become more balanced personality

Serenity and a certain perspective are now full of stress and pressure very desirable properties. Especially if you carry on your shoulders a great responsibility, working with people, or lose your temper with children. But the fact is that not to gain composure, you need life experience, maturity and willingness to work to obtain them. Stay balanced in times of crisis or major stress is a matter of practice, and will be so. A man who these situations in your life does not experience too, can hardly know in advance how they will react. Uniformity can be used even while resisting the pressure of competition, to maintain confidence and life direction. Perspective to help you do something out of nothing and not to get carried away by emotions. It’s about having it under control, the ability to withstand and manage the way that you were not in vain against themselves. And believe it fits.

2) Learn to relax and recharge yourself with energy

You can meditate anytime during the day. All you need is calm and a half hours. If you fall asleep, but you manage to stay awake all the time – which is a matter of practice – you can for meditation and for the minimum time beautifully and profusely rest. For me, it’s incredibly practical tool and without it already can not imagine life. Excellent is this technique called i. Autogenous training.

3) Learn how to observe your thoughts and correct them

For proper meditation to rest your head and body. It is an art to turn off any excess brain. Should not you head whiz no idea. It is about letting ideas just come and go. Not to deal with them more. Gradually you discover how your mind works. How many scarecrows a day in your head you create yourself. Suddenly you realize that mechanism and that it is only your own will, that allows you to admit you so much negativity. Thanks to the meditation you learn to let go of their thoughts, to avoid creating scenarios. And thus gain the ability to respond adequately to the present situation and the challenges that lies ahead. What is it good for? Maybe the fact that you are trying to maintain or where they usually get along out of business as their habits or behavior patterns. You know how to feel your feelings, but to you not in control. It is also often happens that some present situation remind you of something that happened to you in the past. It will automatically connect, suddenly the brain shuts down, and you cease to respond to the present. You ignore the fact that every moment is unique and nothing is the same.

4) Begin to realize your body

It happens to you, you are so engrossed in an activity that probably will not even realize that you’re tired, something hurts you, you feel cold, etc.? Watch for and respond to the needs of your body is important to us. Whom does not own or who is so little stressor and neurotic may help precisely that it reserves moments during the day when you will concentrate on your body. If the body is breathing regularly, if everything is OK. Incredibly it works. So do not ignore our bodies, so we’ll just healthier.

5) Develop targeted attention

Related to the previous point. During meditation, you focus gradually to specific parts of your body. By a train attention, focused and concentrating. At the moment you can go on your arm or leg. In everyday life, however, these capabilities can later use at work or developing human relationships.

Thanks to meditation, you keep the peace and tranquility. Any ability isn’t fallen from the sky. However, meditation is a way and the endless process how to improve in these skills. Engage meditation between your daily activities. It will improve your overall quality of life.

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