5 Tech start-up unicorns with women (co)founders. Get inspired!


According to the external inspiration and “setting the right goals”, I’m going to mention one cool topic. Women in IT / technology startups. They exist.;) (I’ve been thought for a moment that I’m also a unicorn and it pleased me.) So far I’m still just an ordinary girl. These women had a great idea into which they were passionate, they persevered and their companies are now valued at over $1 billion.


1. Canva

The fact that the founder of Canva was an energetic and talented student from Perth, Australia, was surprising to me:


2. Zilingo


3. Kylie Cosmetics


4. Scentbird


5. Glossier


6. Zasilkovna (CZ)

Last but not at least, one great example from the Czech Republic. The holding Packeta has earned to its “self-made” founder Simona Kijonkova over 1.2 billion CZK in 2019. Despite the traditional logistics industry, Simona has involved the power of new technologies and innovative ideas from the very beginnings of this e-commerce global project. In our country, she is called “the mother of e-commerce”.

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