How we take freedom for granted


Increasingly, our freedom needs to be established and protected. We should promote it again actively. And care about us to grow. Otherwise it would disappear sooner than we notice.

First of all, this article shouldn’t be about the politics. Whom we have chosen, we have chosen. I apply here for a free choice. Everything starts within ourselves.

Do you feel really free?

How many of us can afford to say this?

Not so long ago, the serfdom was abolished. Today we live in a quite democracy and likely to total freedom, we can decide what we will do with his life. Nevertheless, it is important to realize that the remains of setting up and thinking of the past can still wear inside. Some more, some less. But if you actively seek their own freedom, it means that we are in bondage of oppression. We do what someone else says, are easy to use. Mainly, it brings pleasure, reward or comfort …


If we deliberately do not build and do not support freedom, it will slowly disappear from our lives.


When we do not want freedom, we are at events where the main role played by anyone other than us. We are confused, we lose your life from ourselves. Respectively. We assume responsibility for someone else. Unfortunately, no such thing as “state of calm” does not exist. Although we would all like occasionally to rest and not to solve anything.

But we do not take control of everything. That’s impossible.

Just we need more to take responsibility for our direction, but we were asked whether we like it or not, whether it is pleasant or not.

Break out of bondage is harder than it seems. It would be great for us to forget. Especially today, when I see how we take our freedom for granted, I have some concerns about whether we even know that we are losing it. We are accustomed to utter carelessness, insufficient, bright future and hope of the fulfillment of that which we want. Just what you want for it to go, and that’s it. We think.

But it need not be so.

I miss here proactive verification of their levels of freedom. Maybe when after me someone wants something, how I feel? Did I ever something you disagree or do not want? How often? What are my defense mechanisms to preserve your freedom? What am I doing to her future secure? These are small things in everyday life that count. Gradually, we can try more.

Lately a lot and I intend over what values ​​are important to me so that I descended to them and difficulties. Freedom (in business opportunities in what we choose) is one of them.

Another feature, on which we could work on, the level of our national integrity, sense of roots, from which we all come.

Similarly, other nations are much more proficient at remembering their own independence. Why not become theirs was, and what previous generations have sacrificed for it, so that today could live as richly as he lives. They get used to it and rallying. For us, this awareness is missing. First, we have historically often for a long time found themselves in thrall, so it left us clues. However, just because we have a unique opportunity to rediscover and understand that we are really the tip. And we have to be strong and capable country with the advantages that we can the rest of the world’s most envied.

But it is a prerequisite to be aware of our freedom that we have, and not to cheat on her. If we begin to ask even more ambitious than that, to be dependent on someone else. Whether or not we begin to seriously tackle the question of what do we want from life. Meant so important that behind and go. Immediately, as we go into the realization of these goals, we can see how preserve its freedom truly challenging.

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