How many layers do we have to break to get who we are?

naha duse

Controversial. Recently, I found a series of photos for Creative Life, for which their author won the Czech Press Photo award:


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It seems to me paradoxical that we award awards and recognition for the photos of others who look hopeless. An environment that is generally considered to be non-standard or forbidden should support us in the notion that reality is the way we thought it was. But those pictures will not be exceptional. They capture the illusion.

Why is not any of us interested in how it can help to prevent these images from coming up? I do not mean the pictures now. But the inconvenient situation on them. That unbelief, helplessness, hopelessness. And that none of us can show or show anything else? In addition to copying and adapting to existing reality. We’re just not doing anything, we’re not trying to change. We just benefit from the situation of others.

Instead of using our full potential, we use only a fraction of our and others’ capabilities to get public awards for it, but it does not usually have value that would improve the world around us. When the only fact about the awards is that we as individuals have been awarded.

If this is not a social Ego, what then? 🙂

(I’m writing socially because I understand that the prize is needed – none of us want to feel at the edge 🙂 It’s a common theme how to change this understanding of success.)

When I look at those photos, I say why we are so blind and we can not look in more detail for the way things look outward. Or as we perceive them. Creative scenes are considered creative, although they are often not creative.

No new idea. Communication. Uniqueness. Only copies of the rendering of images I’ve seen somewhere, perhaps with other older authors, are considered as a pattern and inspiration in schools and textbooks. (I use the description of programming: why do we all learn the same patterns, and who Knows more, is it better? It’s still just a pattern 🙂

But where did the creation disappear? 🙂

Come with something new, bring yourself, it’s art. Change dreams in reality.


We fail every day, when we cannot give love there,

where it is needed.


Personally, I think we can not give anything that we do not get first. Being supposed to be giving and giving. I do not agree with that. First we need to get ourselves, then we can give. Until we have ourselves, we can not even give.

So if you know love and you can live it, pass it on!

Especially when you see women, girls (and others) who do not see themselves …

Do you think the women who sell are so stupid they do not have more? Are these hopeless cases without a future? I am sorry that the overwhelming majority of people are condemning what someone else is doing without understanding why they are and what they believe. We’d rather be blind, we’d be silent and take, because … I can not really answer it .. Could it hurt us? 🙂

If you really know love, you know that it does not hurt … And not at all with yourself. Although circumstances and people will hurt us again and again (no one will avoid it). Pass it on! 🙂

Let’s lay down the layers and masks of what we think is normal. And that is by going to clarity. Eliminate the confusion of our lives. We often need this.

Know that you can learn it. It is our failure that we do not.

That we do not have working families, working backgrounds, working environments. That we do not see anything other than people near us that we already know or are just used to. Come on again! “Foreign” people are alien to us.

It’s nonsense, we have so much in common. We are afraid as children 🙂 To push the nose and to know “good and evil”. Form your own influence in a positive way. Let’s show love where it is not, try to pass it on. I wish we could know more what we can not do. Let the other “just melt”. From our negotiations.

Finally, I have one of the central motors Oprah Winfrey. So use it for self-esteem and for sympathy with others.



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