What is our life worth living for?


Do you ever think about the question of what you want to learn in this life and prove that it makes sense here?

What personal fulfilled dream / goal do you want to take away? (For me.)

And what about leaving “the one of you” behind and passing the “relay” on? (For others.)

I wonder what “thing” I would like to take “from here” … What I really want to experience here … and what else is actually useless and not even worth experiencing. And what others have helped me “experience” is that it exists here. And what not to linger in life. I’m so grateful for all this that I need to write about it … that maybe someone will take it to heart 🙂


Give yourself time. Because (I’ll use a favorite quote) from a long-term perspective, the few years you now spend searching for and thinking about the answers you really want to experience here are negligible.

But then you will know exactly what and why to fill your diary. From now on, you are no longer doing activity for activity. Or because society wants us to “do something”. Everything follows, even if it is not visible. And your “everything” will once again be reunited in the original intention …

Do you know what advice can be when you try for a long time and you want it so much and it doesn’t work?

“Stop acting – start thinking.”


If I should thank you for something and I haven’t done it yet, then for the opportunity to know and understand what it means when one person loves another person. That I had the opportunity to see what it looks like when a man loves a woman (I write it from my point of view).

I am really grateful for that knowledge. Because it opened my eyes:

a) what I live in

b) what it is possible to live in

And know and see the difference.

The terrible difference… 🙂


He is most happy in life when he can fight for your heart. For your good feelings 🙂

He won’t let you “fire of the party out”. You are the most important heart of things that needs to be protected.

In the long run, they value you more and more.

He cares about your opinion, likes to listen to your topics and gives you attention. So that you are satisfied and saturated 🙂

(Imagine the feeling when a man you consider masculine “explains” to himself that a man devotes himself to a woman every day. Isn’t that beautiful? 🙂 That your trifle / size may be so interesting to someone? 🙂

He values ​​your love, work and willingness. (So ​​you like to do it for him then.)

He is waiting for you when you prepare coffee for the guests – he will not start with the presentation first, but he will just wait until you are there with him, because you are an important part of the action .;)

He will give you all the information to win YOU. Above anything .;)

Wow, what a successful lion! 🙂


Lifebook is my tip for you.:)



Thank you for the opportunity to know.

Isn’t it worth living for, looking for and being for something like that?

Why want something else – average? So what the majority of people in the world live here. (But definitely not everyone ?;)

Because: where there is no demand, there must also change supply.: P


And believe that what many of us dream of exists.

Only most of us don’t live it in our lives. And we don’t know the people who really live it. Sorry, but not really .;)

If we’re so good, why the world goes so wrong? “

Maybe it sounds funny to you now. However, for me it is something of such value that it is worth:

a) to try to find and acquire this state in life. Each for himself. But go for “that” and don’t back down. Because it makes sense here. Don’t back down … from your imagination. On the way to Love.

b) to pass on the state by one’s own life and experience.

To show and express through oneself daily what it means … to love and to be loved.

Friends, it’s a big deal.

I don’t know if he’s looking.

But we can find it.



Because that legacy of love … is endless.

It will change you and change the world.

You lift yourself.
This will raise the others as well. (Is there a collective consciousness? Yes.)

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