My dancewear brand, Body Limited, is out! Shop online.


I’ve started a small activewear and dancewear brand for women, Body Ltd. (or Body Limited). The associated e-shop is called Body Ltd. Brand Store. So check it out! And then let me know. The new Instagram account has been also launched, basically for my or your reviews: bodyltd_shop


Go to store by clicking on the logo:




You’ll find there a selection of dancewear across collections, developed from established brands on the current professional market. The store offers dancewear and activewear for women. The intention is to personally try and test each of the offered products. (And I also welcome your Instagram reviews in case you’re familiar with some of them.)

Own collection will be launched during the following year (2021).

The basic collection is planned at first, ie. dance tops + leggings, all in its own design. Author’s graphics. And a few hand-embroidered and original pieces (limited units of pieces), made for the fun from it and created in the rest of my free time.:)

The current store is the first minimum viable product version so that the brand can earn money for itself first.

We see the big advantage in the well-developed shipment service we can provide across Europe. And if needed, across all over the world! So even the established, Czech brands will become more widely known. I personally look forward to customers from different locations!


And why the name Body Limited?

First, the brand has to express that our body reaches its limits. It means our relationship to sports and relaxation at the same time. Simply the relationship to one’s own body and its possibilities, joys, and sorrows. At the same time, it is a demonstration of the fact that our body changes with age, and we should actively take care of it.

Second, the acronym Ltd. also expresses the limitedness and uniqueness of each individual piece from the brand’s collection. If the muse of inspiration kisses us, we’ll come up with the next new ideas.


The e-shop and its settings are technically my jobs.

Photographs are created by Monella Photography.

If you also have a nice product (or a few original, interesting products) that you want to sell online, I will be happy to help you with the e-shop and sales settings. I’m experienced with Prestashop and Shoptet (CZ) platforms. Contact me, you’re also welcomed with your references or cooperation offers.



“All I wanna DO… is love your body!”



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